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Choosing the Right Style for Your Body

Choosing the Right Style for Your Body

As we were designing the suits for our 2019 line, we put a lot of thought on creating pieces for every body, shape and style.  Where chic meets the perfect coverage.  We specialize in designing high quality swimwear that brigs modern styles to fit every body type because we believe the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.  We have designed different lengths of bottoms and tops to fit the needs of everyone.  Everything can be mixed and matched to create the perfect unique combo for anyone!  

Our mission is to provide high quality, contemporary swimwear for the everyday woman at a reasonable price.
Rather than looking at our "problem areas" let's focus on what we LOVE about our bodies and bring attention to those areas instead! 

Who loves an hour glass figure and wants to bring that shape out more? Try pairing some of the following combos!


Where are my upper body girls

who love their shoulders, collar bones (that may sound weird, but hey some girls really do have some nice collar bones!) etc..Give these a shot-

Let's talk bums now ;) 

Haha there is no shame in knowing you have a good booty!
  • Sunset Bottoms : Our low rise bottoms have great coverage in the bottom so you don't feel like you are showing everything off, but can still have a low rise look.
  • Summer Nights Bottoms :  I love these because they bring a little attention to the legs and with where the ruffle is, it gives the illusion of a longer leg! Who doesn't want that? Ammiright??
  • At the Beach Bottoms : These beauties have been with us the longest and they are a great staple for every top! We love the length, whether you are trying to draw more attention to your hour glass waist line or you want a pair that gives more support and coverage, these are for you! We love them and our customers love them!
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